All You Should Know About Asphalt Roofing

There are a lot of factors involved as you consider updating your roof. As the initial defense for your roofing, you need to have shingles that will last for a long time and strong as well. Some of the factors are the appearance, the amount of maintenance needed, the expenses of the roof, and many more. Because of these, a lot of property owners opt to have asphalt as their roofing option they want since it caters to the right balance in terms of benefits and cost. To know more as to why asphalt roofing is popular with homeowners today, here are some of the advantages you get by installing one for your home. 

Different asphalt shingles type

Asphalt shingles are available in 2 various kinds of base materials: fiberglass and organic shingles. 

Fiberglass shingle

A fiberglass shingle utilizes a base mat of glass fiber, making it simpler to install. Moreover, this shingle also has less asphalt content compared to organic shingles. Hence, this is a more eco-friendly option. However, one of its disadvantages includes the fact that fiberglass is less ideal for climates that are too cold since it turns brittle and can break eventually. 

Asphalt shingle

This shingle utilizes a base mat made up of organic materials like wood fiber, recycled paper, or more. The advantage of having asphalt shingles is that they are less susceptible to tearing and they are greatly durable. Moreover, they are less brittle compared to fiberglass shingles. Although, the organic base has a greater danger of fire damage. 

Appearance and design

Generally, asphalt shingles are available in an extensive range of textures and colors, which can be selected to have your house customized. Although, the design of the shingles comes in 2 various options: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles. The former is laid out arranged in a strip of three tabs that are evenly spaced, making a uniform and flat pattern. These are the most typically utilized because both of them cost less than architectural and cost less. 

Architectural singles are both stronger and thicker compared to a3-tab shingles. Also, they can differ in shape. This type of shingle is multi-layered, which makes a 3D appearance after being installed. Due to the 3-dimensional design of architectural shingles, it can mimic the appearance of wood shingles better. 

Benefits and maintenance

In terms of maintenance, asphalt roofing is one that needs minimal to no maintenance at all. The maintenance that this roof requires is purely basic care just like any other roofing type. Having a routine inspection and clearing debris from the gutters and roofs can help catch roof problems in advance or prevent issues in the future. Moreover, it’s essential to change any damaged shingles to avoid structural water damage or roof leaks and contact an expert roofer to perform professional roof repair Modesto.

In addition to the advantages of its low-maintenance needs and inexpensive installation cost, asphalt shingles are extremely energy efficient as well since they can simply reflect sunlight. This helps keep your house cooler and keep your electricity bills low every month.