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If you are interested in a career at SALTech Charter High School, please complete the above application and submit to School for Accelerated Learning and Technologies.

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    SALTech Charter High School
    Volunteer Tutor Description


     Subject(s):  Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Music
    Reports to: Supervising Instructor and Coordinator of Volunteer Services
    Hours: An initial commitment of 3-4 hours a week for three months is required
    Definition and Basic Responsibilities The Volunteer Tutor will work under the direct supervision of a SALTech Charter High School instructor but may work one-on-one or in small groups with students in the classroom on Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Musical subjects.  The tutor also may work outside of the classroom with one or more individuals who are significantly below the average classroom level.


    Basic Qualifications:
    ■ High School diploma or GED
    ■ Strong desire to be placed into a multi-cultural learning environment
    ■ Excellent oral communications skills and command of the English language.

    ■ Previous experience as a tutor is desirable but not required


    Related Duties May Include:

    ■ Helping to facilitate classroom activities
    ■ Supporting a subject area in various activities
    ■ Working with instructor to develop resources or appropriate lesson plans


    Additional Information:

    Potential volunteers may be asked to observe one or more classes at one or more locations before being given a steady assignment. This is to insure that the volunteer is familiar with the variety of SALTech classes.  Volunteers also will be asked to attend an orientation before or within 3 weeks of initial placement.